It is known that paella is a traditional dish originally from Valencia, to be precise from the town of Sueca. The first scripts describing the recipe date back to the 15th century and throughout the years the recipes have evolved, adapting themselves to each place where the dish is made.

How is paella in Mallorca prepared?

At its start, Valencian paella was prepared with four main ingredients which were chicken, duck, rabbit and snails, together with a mixture of saffron, which is what gives this dish its peculiar colour. Today paella is adaptable to suit different tastes, and there are three main varieties:

-Seafood paella
Its main ingredients are made up by a variety of seafood products such as prawns, shellfish, squid and different kinds of fish.

-Mixed paella
It’s a mixture between seafood paella and mountain paella, in other words meat, fish and seafood. The meat used is usually chicken and rabbit along with the seafood we mentioned in the previous paella. It also includes different kinds of vegetables such as peas, onion and beans.

-Mountain paella
The original recipe comes from Castellon and is made up of rice, duck, rabbit, a kind of mushroom, snails, beans, tomato and garlic. It’s basically a type of paella which is eaten in mountainous areas , but it also has many variants and its ingredients are mainly similar, in other words just using different kinds of meat.

At Can Pescador we always make sure there are dishes to suit everyone’s taste. We hope to be your choice between all the restaurants in Mallorca.

We offer the following kinds of paella:

-Seafood paella

-Mixed Paella

-Vegetarian Paella
This more modern variety is created for those who eat neither meat nor fish. It’s basically rice mixed with spices and different kinds of vegetables which give the dish colour and taste.

-Black rice paella with squid and prawns
The name says it all. A peculiar variety of paella which mixes rice with squid ink, squid and prawns. A special touch? Ask for “alioli” to mix in with the rice, it’s really tasty!


We must also mention that it’s traditional to eat paella on a Thursday in many places, and paella in Mallorca couldn’t be anything less than traditional. There are lots of explanations which people try to justify this tradition with, and here are just some of them:

-On Thursday’s house service girls used to have the day off, so at night they used to prepare the stir-fry so that the ladies only had to add the rice the following day so the paella was ready in just 20 minutes.

-The other explanation is that having no house service on Thursdays, families used to go out to eat and restaurants used to prepare paella for them.

-The other theory is that Monday was fishing day and products used to take until Thursday to reach their destination so when they arrived at restaurants they used to get made into paella.

-The other option is that Friday was shopping day, and restaurants used to use the leftovers for making paella with and not have to throw anything away.

Another very popular tradition here in Mallorca is eating paella on Sunday. Sundays, being the day of rest for many families allow them to meet around the table and eat delicious paella which can be made for many people. So now you know a little bit more about the history of paella in Mallorca and in Spain in general.

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